De Wetenschap Achter een Hangover-Vrij Feest 🍾 🎊 🥳 🎉

The Science Behind a Hangover-Free Party 🍾 🎊 🥳 🎉

Hydration and Mental Health: The Amazing Link Reading The Science Behind a Hangover-Free Party 🍾 🎊 🥳 🎉 4 minutes Next Is drinking water enough to hydrate your body?

We've all experienced it:

The morning after a night of partying, regret seeping in with every pounding knock in your head.

Hangovers are the most unwanted aftermath of a good time, except for accidents. 😜

But what if we told you that there are concrete and scientifically based steps you can take to enjoy your evening.
Without the impending doom of a hangover the next day? 

Buckle Up for the deep dive in our ultimate guide to 'avoiding a Hangover'.

Basic strategies

1 Stay Hydrated:

Start hydrating before the first sip of alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, so being well hydrated beforehand can make a significant difference.

Enhance your water with a pinch of pink salt, which not only adds minerals but also helps maintain electrolyte balance.

2. Place a Fon'ke:
Choose a protein-rich meal before drinking.
This slows down the absorption of alcohol, stabilizes blood sugar levels and supports efficient alcohol metabolism.

Products like a Whey Protein or Bone Broth Shakes can be a quick and effective solution if you're short on time.

3. Enough Sleep:
Prioritize a good night's sleep before and after drinking. 

Quality sleep lays the foundation for better metabolic processes, hormonal balance and cognitive resilience, all contributing to a milder hangover experience.

Biohacker's Anti-Hangover Strategies

1. Good Quality Electrolytes:

Choose a low-sugar electrolyte solution before drinking.
This combats dehydration and aids in the efficient metabolism of alcohol and its byproducts.

2. Support your liver:

Your liver is extremely important for detoxifying your body. Alcohol damages the tissue in your liver, so giving it a little helping hand is never a bad plan.

TUDCA is a super strong and potent drug for this. It will help you metabolize alcohol faster and can help with your fat metabolism so you don't get a fatty liver.

TUDCA also aids the NRF2 pathway and slows the depletion of Glutathione
(your body's powerhouse antioxidant)

3. Methylated B vitamins.

Alcohol reduces the B vitamins in your body, making them less efficient and making your hangover worse. Vitamin B is water-soluble, so you also pee it out relatively, alcohol only accelerates this problem even more. Choose a methylated, high-quality B vitamin complex for maximum absorption.

The day after:

1. Drink enough
No, don't start again with what you ended yesterday, that old fable will not help you any further.

Drink Coconut Water rich in Sodium and Potassium throughout the day or use Hydr8 if you want to keep it quick and easy.

2. Sweat it out
Use a sauna, preferably not too hot, think of an infrared sauna so that you do not sweat extremely hard. This gets your blood pumping, kickstarts detoxification and stimulates your own body's natural pain-relieving endorphins.

3. Contrast
Contrast the warmth of the sauna with the cold of a quick cold shower.

The cold will help you constrict your blood vessels, increase blood pressure and release pain-relieving hormones.

4. Go outside
Get some fresh air and take a leisurely walk around. Ideally, you do this in a wooded area and ground yourself. Free-electrons baby, these will serve as a natural anti-inflammatory.

5.Nutritional Support
After a night out it is best not to eat a kebab or a pack of fries, but the next morning it is best to start with a protein-rich and high-fat breakfast with blue/green vegetables. 

The proteins will support your Phase 2 detox of your liver, the vegetables are high in free radical fighting antioxidants and are low in carbohydrates. 

Choline found in eggs is essential for fat metabolism and thus prevents fat accumulation in the liver.

A Final Note:
While these strategies significantly reduce the risk of a hangover, they cannot guarantee complete escape.

The only foolproof method (see what we did here 😜) is not to drink alcohol, of course.

For those seeking a middle ground, our top tip is to hydrate diligently, have a glass of water after each alcoholic drink, and avoid processed foods, fried foods, and seed oils, especially the day after.

The latter cause additional irritation of the stomach and intestinal wall, just like alcohol, and causes gut issues and permeability  of this.

So, armed with these science-backed tactics, you can raise your glass with confidence, party responsibly and say goodbye to that dreaded New Year, New Hangover. 

Cheers and enjoy New Year's Eve 🥂🍾

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