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Our focus is currently on Belgium and the Netherlands. But shipping to other European countries is possible.

Belgium: 6.06 euros
Netherlands: 7.20 euros
Luxembourg: 6.69 euros
France: 6.45 euros
Spain: 5.71 euros
Germany: 5.95 euros
Portugal: 6.41 euros

For orders to Belgium and the Netherlands, shipping costs are free from a total amount of 50.00 euros.


For optimal results we recommend taking 1 sachet daily. For very intensive, long-term efforts, a second sachet can serve as a supplement the same day.

You can drink HYDR8 at any time of the day. For intensive efforts, we recommend taking a sachet during or after. HYDR8 is also perfect to drink to kickstart your day.

HYDR8 is a precisely composed formula of high-quality minerals. We have chosen Magnesium Bisglycinate as a source of Magnesium. Together with an extra addition of Creatine Monohydrate, we offer a complete mix!

This is very taste dependent. For the sweet tooths among us, we recommend using slightly less water per sachet. For a balanced taste we recommend 500 ml per sachet.

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