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Our Newly Formulated Electrolytes Are (almost) Here... 

  • Renewed Formula (added Coconutwater powder)

  • Ancient Seasalt for even more minerals

  • Providing Hydration Without Boatloads of Sugar

  • Two Unparalleled flavors

  • Only Half The Price Of Other Hydration-Drinks

  • 30 Servings For Only €44,99

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“After trying all the “popular” brands, I finally found a brand that really understood hydration.”

Martine V.

Why We Re-formulated 
HYDR8 Electroltyes?

"We've elevated our electrolyte formula to prioritize excellence. By selecting only the highest quality ingredients, we're committed to providing the extra edge – that crucial 1%. Our reformulation is a result of actively listening to our users, ensuring our electrolytes not only taste the best but also deliver optimal performance

It's our dedicated approach to crafting the finest blend for an unparalleled experience." 

Science Based Formula

Formulated with OPTIMAL performance in mind, backed by scientific research

Quality Ingredients 

Seven quality ingredients that work for you, not just one.

Easy To Use

Our single portion sachets  makes it convenient to stay optimaly hydrated

Two unparalleled flavors

Electrolytes get a bad name when it comes to taste.

That's where we make a difference 

Low Calorie friendly

With 0 added sugar and only 12kcal per serving it is low calorie lifestyle friendly

All Day Hydration

Hydrates your body and keep you energized all day

High Quality Ingredients

Ancient SeaSalt

Better quality salt for beter pumps and even more 

trace minerals.

Creatine Monohydrate

The powerhouse for muscle building but also a true Hero in ATP production.


Not only good for your bones but also needed for muscle contractions, normal heart function, hormonal secretion, ...

Vit D3

Just a little add on to your daily needed D3

Magnesium Bisglycinate

One of the best if not THE best absorbable form of Magnesium, a true Masterpiece in ATP production, Delaying DOMS and Post workout Soreness.

Coconutwater Powder

Know for its electrolyte content, this will give your favorite electrolyte blend an even bigger spread of minerals and vitamins.


Important player to your Sodium-Potassium pump gets your hydration into the cells and keeps your blood pressure in check.

Feel Refreshed & Hydrated Instantly!


4 Simple Steps to Hydrate Your Body and Goal

01. Sachet

Grab your HYDR8-Sachet and Waterbottle.

02. Unlock Minerals of Live

Rip open your sachet and add it to your water to unlock your Hydration

03. Shake

Shake it like a polaroid picture ...

04. Enjoy It Cold

Prepare to set new Personal Records and Crush your goals

Frequently asked questions

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When will the new formula be ready to ship?

We are working hard to get all our stock stored correctly at our warehouse. 

This so all the orders can leave the facility as fast and as smooth as possible.
We are aiming to have this setup towards the 3th week of January.

Will I get priority when I subscribe to the list?

Do I need to pay in advance?

Will I get a message when the electrolytes are back in stock?

Is the price still the same as before?



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